Neon Sand Case- Dark Blue & Pink


"Your beloved iPhone deserves the best care, so why not protect it with a custom case from The Messy Corner. Designed with dual-layered construction & 360-degree bumper protection, the phone case is stylish, ultra-slim and super tough

Our neon sand liquid phone cases are the latest and trendiest in the Indian market. The phone case contains liquid fluorescent colored sand, which creates an enthralling waterfall effect every time you move your phone

The case is strong enough to survive the bumps and scrapes of everyday wear and tear while keeping your expensive phone safe and protected. Time to say goodbye to bulky phone covers

  • Weight- 35 gms only
  • Sleek
  • 360-degree protection.
  • Non-toxic and scratch-resistant
  • Packed in a gift box
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Free Shipping in India

iPhone Cover available for:  iPhone X/XS, iPhone X Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max

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beautiful case. Loved it

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